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Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do guys wear women's AJ?preface "dead fly, is the fixed gear, in recent years for riders circle caused great impact, many young people like the fixed gear has simple and comfortable, small series is one of them. But also because the fixed gear not traditional forms of braking Retro jordans for sale device of the "characteristics", many of the traditional riders did not accept FixedGear, and will produce be disgusted with, even on the Internet for the condemn it in speech and writing. And small series just have a bike kind of bike, whether it is road, mountain, folding to the present Gear Fixed. Living in Guangzhou, this is the forefront of the national culture in the city, small series of the various circles of the bike culture have a deeper understanding of. Fixed cheap foamposites Gear to popular culture in just a few years time. Small series can be very neutral in a sentence to sum up the contradictions of these cultures - no dangerous car, only dangerous people. In fact fixed gear is not dangerous, missing is guidance fixed gear riders ride concept is Xiaobian even BIKETO has been trying to. And Xiao Bian here also call for you, abandoned dead fly word, instead of the fixed gear, dead fly "word of the fixed gear culture to the correct direction Retro jordans for sale of promotion is not good. simple talk about Gear Fixed culture every weekend, there are always such a group of young people, they stepped on the bicycle without brake parts, the shuttle in the city's underground passage and the square. Bright and colorful body, can always cause pedestrians stopped to watch. These young people play the bicycle commonly known as "dead fly"". Fixed gear, and track bike (cycling) is the same bike, but the ride area is not restricted to the stadium, FixedGear mother bought it for from the New York of the old school cycling culture, originated in messenger delivery workers daily car, after the popular Japanese Harajuku, began to rapidly in the world spread, as representative of the street culture. And because Fujiwara Hirowa a congregation of in Harajuku the influx of people are fixed gear bike fans, so the influx of people from all over the world began to pay attention to the fixed gear movement and fixed gear movement and fixed gear shape began to popular. At the beginning of 2009, China's death and flying start. Gear Fixed cultural classification and fixed gear today is mainly divided into two categories: racing skills and action, the action to the fixed gear source in BMX, fixed gear can do more BMX do not (such as the inverted ride), so very popular like action research drivers welcome. But FixedGear is really popular to car racing. Here refers to the other racing, racing, does not necessarily mean high speed.Dwyane new shoes Jordan Wade D-Reign 2013-12-08 22:04:45 Jordan Brand Wade to build a new shoes Jordan Wade D-Reign, the design elements followed the Jordan Fly Wade 2, Wade my element still appears on every detail point, the toe and the heel patent leather It is eye-catching, also canceled configured before Jordan Fly Wade 2 Lunarlon, is known for its speed breakthrough Dwyane provides support, I believe Wade can wear it into the finals.