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for English football player Kyle Walker, where is the heart and where is the home?. Of course, expanding his collection of sneakers is also part of his heart. Kyle Walker acknowledges this, and he says, "I always have a sneaker complex.". It's my personal habit. I think this habit comes from my mother." 's ingrained mentality created his childhood obsession with shoes. In his hometown of Sheffield, he always managed to get his new sneakers. Kyle Walker particularly loves Air Max 90, and it is this shoe that brings him into the world of the visible Nike Air. Kyle Walker said: "everyone is used to trying new styles and wants to get the latest colors.". I remember when I went to my friend's house and knocked at their door and asked, "may I borrow your sneakers?" I'm afraid I'll wear my clothes out." Kyle Walker has an unforgettable room dedicated to sports shoes. One of the cupboards holds a lot of baby wipes. Each time he walks through the sneakers, he carefully wipes it and makes it cheap jordans for sale almost as it was when he bought it. "It's not a sad story or something," Kyle Walker continued. But as I grew up, I didn't have much. So my mother always says, 'respect for things, and they will last longer.' So that's what I've been trying to do." has become a city star with the town's heroes, and sports shoes are constantly changing, but Air Max 90 is still his favorite, living in the metropolitan area of England, so he has become more and more bold in the choice of shoes. Kyle Walker / Air Max 1 Ultra MorieKyle Walker said: "at the age of 19 from Sheffield to London, I found the sneaker culture more rich, more fancy sports shoes. Here you can see all kinds of styles, and people have different patterns of shoes. As a result, I gradually began to like some bold and bold style." for Kyle Walker, Air Max is not only a declaration of its own unique style. This is a representative of my motherland's shoes, and its significance is equivalent to the national flag. The is located in Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the Danish capital Copenhagen, designed for girls and the creation of the famous shoe store Naked and Reebok recently brings together the magnificent joint projects in the United States at the beginning of the 80s Popular Albums Dynasty (dynasties) as the theme, the play focuses on the big two among the family power struggle, the launch of black and white color respectively represent two women lead Alexis and Kristel, the design team through color and different material mix between present protagonist luxury fashion image, two pairs of each has its own characteristics. 'Dynasty Pack' is expected to be sold in Naked stores and online stores in December 4th. source: Naked this summer low basketball shoes in the battlefield, the most important of the shoes is 11 Air Jordan Retro Low "Bred", a legendary silhouette familiar, and with low tube design more dexterous to greet the summer, with black and red color classic memories will be back when the Bulls lost shoes. This election at t Retro jordans for sale his month's No. 23 official sale, also published a series of pictures for everyone to enjoy, priced at 170 dollars. news source: jordansdaily a pair of good shoes, often can not be matched with the perfect clothes. From the United States, founded in 2004, the street fashion brand AcQUIRED is in such a simple idea of the faithful, hope that through a combination of culture and street fashion shoes make the relationship between more closely, for example, before AcQUIRED has launched Nike classic shoes "1987 Nike Air Safari" as the main design features of texture T-shirt, then that is the number of sneakerhead. Today, AcQUIRED has entered the tenth year of the establishment of the brand, especially at this time also present a new brand of logo and 2014 series of costumes, the most striking in the series to the 1988 launch of Air Jordan 3 to pay tribute to the "1988 True Blue" limited edition T-shirt, in addition to printed 1988 key numbers, also joined the Air Jordan 3 representative cheap jordan shoes for men of the "True Blue" blue tone and bursting pattern, and the black and white choice, interested people can purchase prospecting shoe directly to the AcQUIRED brand's official website, send the multinational implementation! AcQUIRED Facebook PageAir Jordan 3 Retro will be sold in a particular store shoes for you tomorrow, we survey shoe currently has announced to sell finishing dealers in connection with the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 a wise movement in the world sports Frederick Harlem Yu sports Reagan - smile sports Reagen Sports Goods Co., Fucheng source: Hypebeast coincides with the United States Veterans Day, Nike LeBron very occasional series of shoes in the "Soldier 10" soldiers launched the white camouflage version, and today in Washington road race LeBron James himself with real battle, and also in the league's youngest position reached 27000th career points milepost NBA, "Veterans Day ' cheap foamposites version of additional add a layer of commemorative significance. This pattern has many pictures in the NIKEiD system provides single production, Taiwan Nike official website also can be customized. Nike LeBron and James Soldier 10 will be 'Veterans Day' as a gift for today was invited to enjoy the game of retired soldiers, thanks to their efforts. source: Nike / Cleveland Cavaliers / Darren RovellInvincible and Reebok launched Instapump Fury OG 'Le Grand Manè, GE' will be sold globally in 2/14. The actual selling method, mechanism and site change shall be subject to the announcement of the store owner. Invincible source: HYPEBEAST for the upcoming NCAA (March Madness) March madness tournament, Nike Basketball for its sponsorship of the four university basketball team to create exclusive Kobe 11 Elite Low player version, through the Flyknit technology in the effect of different colors of the shoe body before and after make exclusive logo printed on the insole team to add Retro jordans for sale unique, watch NCAA basketball games exploration researchers may pay more attention to the recent performance of the players on the foot. This kind of player version is only available to players and individuals, and officials do not currently have plans to sell publicly. Michigan State University, University of Oregon Duke University University of Kentucky source: Nike& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] market is currently China's largest overseas market, Adidas, Adidas plans to enter China second and third tier markets. In China, Adidas plans to 2015 will open 2500 new stores, while vigorously pushing the main selling Originals series. given recently Kohler & middot; Kardashian most harden heats up, perhaps Kendall & middot; Jenna immediately to become harden sister-in-law; but compared to her two Kardashian sister plump figure, born supermodel Jenna has a more in line with the public aesthetic enchanting body segment, and more recently on the s Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ocial networking site drying out hot photo shoot for a underwear brand, show the sexy charm. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 20 Nike was founded in the 1960s, or a very small scale, at any time possible closure of enterprises. The company's two founders ?????? and Knight have several roles, the company did not own the building and complete operators. In 1985, Nike's global profit of $ 1.3 million, but by 1994, the company's profit increased by about 30 times, the first exclusive boil its market share is more than twice ranked third in the Adidas 24% . Nike in just three decades, by a simple small shoe company to become the dominant industry, the survey sh cheap jordans online ows that awareness of Nike in the United States almost 100%. The little man of today renowned the world over, we Kingdoms a Nike shoe myth. Let us look at its development trajectory. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the Nike (Nike) officially named in 1978, but came from behind, had hung over the market's leading brands from Adidas Puma `` Reebok, the development process known as 'NI-KE myth'. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's appeal focused primarily on early stage technology products, and its goal was the brand is the official market, competitive athletes, but with a goal firmly "stuck" the ambitious Nike, and At that time a highly competitive market, Nike this position and there is no good other competitors difference, regardless of its technical superiority of their products, can not change the status of the leading brand in the minds of consumers, although at this time Nike ad campaign Under it is harvested, but serious difficulties, market position precarious. & nbsp; & nbsp; cheap jordans for sale mens & nbsp; to the 1980s, Nike has found a weapon to subvert the market: give up someone else's market, build their own kingdom. In others to build a world where no matter how hard you are nothing but a follower, only to establish their own field, and you have a chance to change the fate of small-minded, become the new authority of the entire industry. After doubled efforts, Nike found his own world: its products began to turn ordinary people's homes from the athletic field and gymnasium, especially for teenagers. Nike's goal is at this time; like Levi`s brand, become an integral part of youth culture and status symbol. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1986, along with the gassing insole product advertising play, Nike's "New Empire" began to take shape. Nike ad changed the past blindly promote its goods and technical performance and advantages of the technique, but to play by the representative and symbolic hippie famous Beatles song "Revolution" in the rebel novelty of rhythm and melody, a gr Cheap air jordans for sale oup of Nike products in the United States people are intoxicated to carry out fitness training, the ad accurately meet the new dynasty era, from the strong impact, the influence of large, unprecedented, the system's long-time rival Nike, Reebok also had to follow suit, broadcast subversive advertising Nike's market share has been growing rapidly: in one fell swoop than Reebok became the new overlord of the US athletic footwear market, Reebok has become a follower of the leader. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike overwhelmed not only failed to stop the offensive, which has even more rapid expansion of the Kingdom! Since this breakthrough in the youth market, and the common features of these target groups are: love sports, worship heroes, Starchaser strong sense of active thinking, `yearning for freedom and unfettered life, imaginative and full of dreams. For this feature young consumers, Nike launched the "star offensive", one after another with some famous `sought after sports stars signing, such as Jordan, Charles Barkley` `Agassi and so on, they become brilliant film Nike commercial communication the protagonist, has become the hero of Nike after takeoff. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;. In the ad, 'Who killed the rabbit Jordan' and is one of this year to Michael Jordan, as the high rate sporting Aviva and another by popular cartoon character Baggs. Benny has appeared in the film. Nike ad in this film, almost no figure of Nike products, but with the subject of attention of Michael Jordan and the rabbit Benny interpretation of one end of a game or a story. Nike understands preaching hate teenage strong sense of `independent features, give full play and cater to their imagination and self-awareness, from Jordan realized that I love sports, from wearing Nike shoes, Jordan associate wearing Nike shoes I. . . . In a series of consumer self-imagination `comparison, Nike's brand image depicting deep refers to the hearts of consumers. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike advertising agency W & amp; Chris Riley's program director K Nike and Reebok contrast ad after comments: You put Nike and Reebok ad showed fourteen-year-old ` the children who see, they'll say: Reebok idea hit me again, they used to sell sports and health advertising. But the way they talk about the Nike ad is diametrically opposed: You see, those guys again in the Nike money squandered it really could not understand how they manage their own advertising expenses which means that they understand us, know that Nike could!. using the traditional marketing oriented advertising. "This just shows, Nike series of ads for the youth market achieved its purpose, by the teen customer's identity, but the battle for the consumer market, it is this most authoritative referee. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike when for the sports enthusiast consumer groups, which focus on shaping Nike and like you are the world of sports brand image experts in order to baseball star treasure Jordan ad protagonist of the series humorous advertising. Bao know, the funny treasure. Jordan attracted a large number of young viewers' attention. Later Po Jordan hip injury, so he had to bid farewell to the sports, Nike is treasure. Jordan lost the advertising value, under normal circumstances, the lifting of about `kick start the US business community to mention only right and proper approach. But Nike did not do so, but to continue to cooperate with his advertising, a move with young consumers have a strong resonance: Nike, as we will not abandon an unfortunate old hero Again, Nike hired Barkley. Advertisements outrageous act did not obscure bar, but called their character performances, the protagonist is Kongwu vicious Buckley, beat opponents in the game, the pull rotten blue plate ... to see this piece of sports fans will have the same feeling: Buckley, he is like that. This communication Nike once again allow consumers to resonate, and the rapid rise of the Nike brand, dominate, naturally, is makes sense, of course pull.