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Analysis of A, "preferential policies" no longer offers Hebei leather industry be taken by surprise; two, the "gray customs clearance" trade risks 2 9 months, a total of 10 games, bringing the tennis shoe foot selection. 21 + 10 + 10 wins, James king, Kobe 19 points and the Lakers beat the Pacers, Jordan in 21 overtime victory over 76 people, Walker 30 wasp escapement canzhen bull, Lori 25 rate Toronto against Detroit, Joe - Johnson three pointer Denver, Wu Raicevic 28 overtime escape eagle, eyebrows brother 27 points away beat wolves, Lillard 33 points less double overtime victory over the Grizzlies, together to cut 61 points win over the suns. Russell Westbrook: Air Jordan XX9 LeBron James: Nike Kobe Bryant: Nike Kobe XI Paul: Jordan CP3.IX Jordan Clarkson: Nike LeBron DeMar cheap jordan shoes for men cus Cousins: Air Jordan X Anthony Davis: Nike Air Max[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike has announced a make a lot of football fans surprise sale agreement, its price will be $ 225 million sale of its brand Umbro to Iconix Brand Group, saying the deal It is expected to be completed by the end of 2012. And CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, president of the initiative to make "the opportunity to focus on the most growth potential," it. Umbro formerly British veteran football goods manufacturer Nike in 2008 was ? 285 million price of the acquisition from, designed to make up the gap in football with Adidas, but in only four years after being held selling. "For Nike, this is not a failure of business, the acquisition of Umbro Nike in football get a lot of opportunities for sponsorship and promotion." Analysts said the use of the brand holds four years, which is almost " drained "the former commercial value. "China Business" reporters learned that the new owner Yikangnisi Umbro, in fact, a Chinese cheap foamposites company, its usual business model, namely the acquisition of foreign brands, and then to China and other emerging markets looking for co-operation providers. Umbro brand operation is no exception, the Chinese market, disk access, or will be, such as Belle general sports brand channel. Nike "cage for a bird" surgery Umbro product development technologies and sponsorship resources of these two most core value has been drained Nike. The reason being sold Umbro news caused concern, because it has many fans worldwide. Umbro was first a British soccer equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1924 by the British Humphrey Brothers. In its growth process, it has accompanied more despotic branch Greenery won the World Cup winning together. But also because of its long-term sponsorship England and many first-line soccer star, has lots of fans in China. In 2008, the gradual decline of the Umbro was acquired by Nike, it was priced 285 million pounds. "The decision to make the acquisition of Umbro, Nike, and four Cheap air jordans for sale years after the sale of the brand, are from the value of the complementary angle to consider." A long-term focus on Hong Kong's financial analyst, told reporters that Nike, sports brand two giants Nike and Adidas, the former basketball product demand more attention, while the latter in football long has strong resources. Nike acquired Umbro had intended to make up the gap between himself and Adidas in football. But in these four years, Nike gradually their sponsorship and promotion of penetration into the football field, experienced European Cup and the World Cup two top events after the test, which found their main brand NIKE has been in football with Adidas There are emboldened rival. "At this time the value of the brand Umbro, Nike has been little for the." The analyst said. In fact, Nike has begun to peel off early to prepare for the Umbro brand. Umbro's sponsorship deal with England was supposed to end in 2018, but in August this year the FA announced the termination of cooperation with Umbro, Nik Retro jordans for sale e is replaced. In addition, Nike also received sponsorship as Manchester City football jersey heavyweight contract from Umbro hands. "In fact, the value of Umbro has been drained." Sports brand dealers and market watchers Magang also believes that the sports brand, product development technologies and sponsorship resources are the two most core value lies, and Umbro Nike took over four years, has the above-mentioned high-quality resources all in the bag, leaving only the continuing depreciation of the Umbro brand. low-cost strategy hindered Nike channel development, mainly depending Laibai Li Baosheng and two professional channels, but the latter into profit predicament, is shrinking front. Nike Umbro sale at incomprehensible that in 2010, Nike had publicly expressed desire to enter the Chinese market three or four lines, and to consider the introduction of lower priced goods. At the time of analysis, if Nike is well prepared to play the cheap card, its subsidiary Umbro brand influence, market-base cheap jordans for sale d, Nike entered the Chinese market three or four lines of excellent choice, can act as a "vanguard" role. preceding Hong Kong Financial Analysts said the decision to sell is actually well understood. In the past two years, Nike has really tried deepening of China's four-tier cities, but now it seems that the attempt was a failure. Nike's channel expansion, mainly depending Laibai Li Baosheng and two professional channels, but the latter into profit predicament, is shrinking front. Belle's main channels concentrated in a second-tier cities, do not have the ability to tier cities sink channels of their short term. "That is the most important issue now facing the Nike brand do not choose which low-priced, but after its attempt to discover he has not the ability to channel sink." The analyst said. In addition, many market participants believe that, with its old rival Adidas compared to Nike's operations in the multi-brand strategy, there are some differences. Adidas multi-brand strategy is more resolute, it's either clover, Reebok or Y-3, etc., are relatively independent of the promotion program. Nike is different, it's on to the brand of investment, there is a clear preference, it's hard to imagine Converse, Nike and other brands can exceed the main brand. In fact, even when a lot of fans are Nike, Umbro once again sell, I realized that through the acquisition of Umbro, Nike brand. Umbro "ball" thrown to the Chinese market Iconix is ??a Chinese enterprise, which in recent years in the United States acquired a large number of clothing brands, part of which is in the premium brand to achieve and then resold. "Just a pity this brand Umbro." Magang said that as many England fans in the country, its long shirt sponsor Umbro has also been known as the home fans. Before being acquired, second-tier sports brands as Nike and Adidas, which after in the domestic market is also a place. However, after Nike took over, apparently did not spend a lot of thought operating the brand, not only slow update speed of the product, the channels are also worth mentioning. However, according to Reporters learned that after being sold Nike, Umbro brands may but will usher in the Chinese market vitality. Hong Kong Financial analyst, told reporters the foregoing, the Umbro acquisition Fangyi Kang Nice (Iconix Brand Group), though not a Nasdaq-listed companies, but mainly for its operations in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland market, its operation and brand apparel products channel having a long-term experience. familiar Yikangnisi business model grid Consulting Co., Ltd., general manager of Shanghai Lion Anthony Cheung told reporters, Yikangnisi should be regarded as a Chinese enterprise, which in recent years in the United States acquired a large number of clothing brands, part of which is in and then resold to achieve a premium brand, the other part is looking for partners in China, which has a partial stake, while the production of the brand, channel, brand operations were handed over to the partners responsible. Yikangnisi Chinese executives confirmed to reporters this statement, and said that Umbro partner in the Chinese market is still in the process of looking. Before Yikangnisi in the country and as McCaw, Shanghai Tongrui Apparel and so have had similar cooperation, under normal circumstances, Yikangnisi willing accounted for approximately 20% stake in the joint venture. For Umbro in China market information to future partners, the executives have not been disclosed. Dr Anthony believes Yikangnisi acquisition is intended that the layout of the Chinese market. Umbro future "Whispering" The possibility of Belle's largest sports brand channel. Currently under competition sports brand, the channel will not long be satisfied with the retail sector, but to consider the transition to the upstream, this brand Umbro for Belle such channels in terms of the maximum value. Of course, does not rule out Li Ning and other brands might win Umbro brand. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)